Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dog Eared Publicity Presents Let's Eat by Denise Burroughs

Denise burroughs 

About Denise Burroughs

 She was raised in the sun, she came from a large Italian family with very strong ties to their heritage.  She was born in Rome, NY and moved to Miami, Florida in December of 1969 with her mother.  Raised in South Florida, she attended school until 1983.  Having two daughters from her first marriage, she remarried in 1995 and in 2004 moved to Tallahassee, Florida where she currently resides. She's the owner of a paint and body shop and a member of NAPEW (National Association of Professional & Executive Women 2007-2008). A love for cooking and a desire to share wonderful family traditions was put to paper to create Let's Eat.  There have been so many people who have inspired her in her life, but no one inspired her more than her mother.  Many of the recipes in this book have been served many times over and enjoyed by family and friends.  She is happy to share them all with you and hopes you enjoy every bite as they were all made with lots of love. You can visit Denise at

About Let's Eat

Let's eat

 Denise Burroughs combines her rich Italian heritage with years of southern tradition in Let's Eat!, her debut cookbook.  Her love for cooking shines through in this comprehensive book, suitable for all levels of cooking experience.  Let's Eat! provides readers with simple, inexpensive dishes.  Recipes range from "Potato Flake Chicken" to "Chocolate Italian Cookies." Her strong Italian background shines through in many recipes, combining her love of tradition and her passion for rich flavors. Burroughs' unique dishes have been cultivated through years of experience, filling the hearts and stomachs of her friends and family.  She writes: "Enjoy what you do! Your kitchen is your way of self expression and the heart of your home." In Let's Eat!, Burroughs goes on to share cherished childhood memories of her family cooking authentic Italian meals.  Burroughs recalls: " Back when my great grandmother used to make pizza they called it 'Tomato Pie'. It was not like pizza we get today.  It was square and had sauce, oregano, and grated cheese on top." Burroughs includes helpful cooking tips for first-timers and some useful veteran secrets.  She takes great pride in her recipes and is excited to share them for the very first time.  She is confident these recipes will satisfy your family and friends.

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