Saturday, March 19, 2016

On Tour: Enter, Knight by K.A. Keith

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Inside the Book:

Enter Knight
Title: Enter Knight Author: K.A. Keith Publisher: iUniverse Genre: Fiction Format: Ebook/Paperback

Two infants, born simultaneously, are infused with otherworldly energies as the most ancient evil stirs. The Knight Apieron Farsinger, and Adestes Malgrim represent the heights of their opposing martial traditions in classic East versus West confrontation. In this medieval action adventure, Apieron's country Ilycrium is conquered, while more sinister assaults transpire from beyond the lands of light. The Knight Apieron Farsinger, father to three small children and husband to a gentle wife, must leave hearth and home in quest to confront the Dragon Queen in her Hellish lair. Treacherous allies, unexpected friendships, love, and the conflicts of honor all color Apieron's journey to save his land and family. The other recipient of the Starburn, Adestes Malgrim, is a peerless warrior and assassin of the cult of the Dragon. In this sweeping work of fantasy, adventure and war draw both champions into deadly strife time and again as preternatural forces vie for mastery. Their fated enmity will change the world.

Meet the Author:

K. A. Keith was born in Oklahoma. He has studied in Rome, lived and worked with Arab peoples, and served with distinction as a flight surgeon in Just Cause and Desert Storm. Enter, Knight is book one of an epic fantasy duology. The whirlwind tale continues in Hel's Storm, iUniverse 2016.

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