Friday, June 17, 2016

Dog Eared Publicity Presents Exploding the Big Bang Theory Book Blast - Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card


Inside the Book:

Title: Exploding the Big Bang Theory 
Author: Joseph Donnelly 
Publisher: AuthorHouse 
Genre: Religion 
Format: Ebook

The essence of this my third effort at publication now stands to be the true basis of our human species new working philosophy. My main interest is of our relationship with God on all fronts. Simple when realised we under the split headings of humanity in tribe, clan, national or of different skin colour configurations, have amassed over 10.000 religious philosophies to meet our personal needs. Of which none seem to work for all over the limit of tribe, clan national or colour configuration?! Because of the very modern sophisticated trend of rejecting God, generally understood to have been the creator; and in using the guessed at elements of how science really works or had been given credit for how it must work. Many in that field of study have felt qualified enough to snub those 10,000 religions by stating there never is or was God in any case? My personal stand and standards revolve around humanity in us, getting the understanding of God right in the first place, but slightly askew in the opinion we were expressly chosen by God to promote enlightenment upon the universe! Yes we got it right, there is God, and no arguments can be valid against this acceptance. To endorse that statement I have been able and commit my to be our understanding of how and why God set the clock of creation from the beginning of all time, now scientifically proved by us, through the open discovery of the God particle, much more than a scientific phenomena? . Part of my style and method stands to the terms of all religions in best choice to be monotheistic by character. This fits with the full progress of all histories naturally connecting with the future of self. Self to be the individuals we each are, but hailed to be of species over tribe, clan, colour or national. Our monotheistic relationship stands also to self, in that however we are in style by colour or creed. We will meet to be the same image of God as seen in self, but only able to manage that wonderful spectacle on Gods terms from our solid belief in God, reality, and our future! See what you think, when from now you can also evaluate the latest of sciences exposé’s over and above some of the scientific ranting of how any form of intelligent life began, but more importantly, why, remembering we are here on Gods terms not ours!


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