Friday, December 30, 2016

On Tour: F'd Wide Open by Marja West

Dog Eared Publicity is pleased to bring you Marja West's  F'D WIDE OPEN Book Tour!

Inside the Book:

Title: F'd Wide Open
Author: Marja West
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Spirituality
Format: Ebook
Now more than ever, Divine Love and Spiritual Awakening are essential to the survival of humanity. In this fast-paced world of techie-toys, instant messages, unconscionable greed, appalling indifference, and unspeakable violence, it is the Heart-Based New Humanity leading the way to conscious awareness. Ignoring life's intense ups and downs is no longer an option.

In F'd Wide Open, author Marja West explores the challenges of living life while developing Divine Love in our relationships and facing the horrors of today's world. She addresses the dark feelings, thoughts, and triggers we work so hard to ignore or deny. West provides a no-holds-barred boot camp, offering practical, no-nonsense advice and embodied, advanced spiritual wisdom of the highest order.

This guide seeks to help you remember who and what you are: one of the grand creators and the free energy source of the Universe. You can reclaim the depths of your Divine Nature as a creator of reality and allow enlightenment to illuminate your path of evolutionary growth, change, and expansion. Invite the Divine to live in you; F'd Wide Open can show you how.

Meet the Author:
Marja West is a non-guru lineage spiritual teacher, Way-Show-er, and Divine Love Agent Provocateur, mentoring today's men and women-the Heart-Based New Humanity-with practical tools to embody their realization of the truth of who and what they are: Infinite Loving Awareness and Consciousness having a human experience. Visit her online at

Tour Schedule

Monday, March 6
Book featured at Voodoo Princess

Tuesday, March 7
Interviewed at Harmonious Publicty

Thursday, March 9
Interviewed at Aurora Publicity

Friday, March 10
Book featured at Fiction to Fruition

Monday, March 13
Interviewed at The Writer's Life

Tuesday, March 14
Book featured at The Literary Nook

Wednesday, March 15
Book featured at Lover of Literature

Thursday, March 16

Friday, March 17
Book featured at The Book Czar

Monday, March 20
Book featured at The Book Refuge

Tuesday, March 21
Interviewed at A Book Lover

Wednesday, March 22
Book featured at Fiction to Fruition

Thursday, March 23
Interviewed at Carpe Librum

Friday, March 25
Interviewed at Literal Exposure

Monday, April 3
Interviewed at The Zen Reader

Tuesday, April 4
Book featured at She Writes

Wednesday, April 5
Book featured at A Taste of My Mind

Thursday, April 6
Interviewed at Write and Take Flight

Friday, April 7
Book featured at My Bookish Pleasure

Tuesday, April 11
Interviewed at I'm Shelf-ish

Wednesday, April 12
Book featured at Niume

Thursday, April 13
Book featured at Book Junkie Mom

Monday, April 17
Interviewed at Review From Here

Tuesday, April 18
Interviewed at A Title Wave

Wednesday, April 19
Book featured at The Revolving Bookshelf

Thursday, April 20
Interviewed at Read Between the Ink

Friday, April 21
Book featured at The Dark Phantom

Monday, April 24
Book featured at Books, Dreams, Life

Tuesday, April 25
Interviewed at As the Pages Turn

Friday, April 26
Interviewed at Straight From the Author's Mouth

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