Friday, December 9, 2016

On Tour: Prophets of Ghost Ants by Clark Thomas Carlton

Inside the Book:

Title: Prophets of Ghost Ants
Author: Clark Thomas Carlton
Publisher: Harper Voyager Impulse
Pages: 608
Genre: Science Fiction
Format: Ecopy 

 In a savage landscape where humans have evolved to the size of insects, they cannot hope to dominate. Ceaselessly, humans are stalked by night wasps, lair spiders, and marauder fleas. And just as sinister, men are still med. Corrupt elites ruthlessly enforce a rigid caste system. Duplicitous clergymen and power-mongering royalty wage pointless wars for their own glory. Fantasies of a better life and a better world serve only to torment those who dare to dream.

One so tormented is a half bread slave named Anand, a dung-collecter who has known nothing but squalor and abuse. Anand wants to lead his people against a genocidal army who fight atop fearsome, translucent Ghost Ants. But to his harror, Anand learns this merciless enemy is led by someone from his own family: a religious zealot bent on the conversation of all non-believers… or their extermination.

A mix of Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Shadow of the Apt, Katherine Addison’s The Goblin Emperor, this is a powerful new addition to the genre.



Clark T. Carlton is a journalist, screen and television writer and an award winning playwright and novelist. He was born in the South, grew up in the East, went to school in the North, and lives with his family in the West. As a child he spent hours observing ants and their wars and pondered their similarity to human societies.

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